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  • Modul’Air Giant Inflatable Seal

    Pigro Felice’s Modul’Air Giant Inflatable Seal is your new friend that loves to sit in your pool and decorate it. Adopt one today! Dimensions: 79″ from head to rear flippers. (max load: 400 pounds)

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    Small Island

    Pigro Felice’s iconic Inflatable Armchair can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. It is easily transformed from an Armchair into a Single Lounger to use (for floating) around your pool.¬†Composed of 2 Cushions, 1 Single Backrest, and 1 Pillow. Dimensions: Armchair 46″ x 46″ x 28″/ Pool Float, Lounger: 46″ x 92″. (max load: 400 pounds)

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  • Straps

    Pigro Felice’s Modul’Air Inflatable Pillow will give you extra back support. Can also be used as a head rest when lying down on any product from Modul’Air series. The Pillow is windproof as it comes with a hidden magnet to secure it on Modul’Air Cushions. Dimensions: 24″ x 12″ x 4″.

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