Pigro Felice

From its Aquachic Apparel  collection to its inflatable Modul’Air® series of innovative furniture that creates floating play spaces, Pigro Felice® brings style to patio living, with highest standards of quality, safety, and durability. Pigro Felice is about to take your poolside lounging to the next level. With our state-of-the-art products, your lazy, chill afternoons will be unlike any other.


Named Modul’Air, the inflatable Aquachic furniture is heavy duty, easy-to-use and made from a unique PVC. Fabricated as stylish outdoor furniture, it redefines floating space and reflects upon the spirit of the pool lifestyle. The idea behind Modul’Air is that each piece works as outdoor deck furniture and also floats on water with no hassle to support all your pool-lounging glory. Some pieces work as standalone convertible furniture or can fold out into floating pool loungers. It’s a modular system that uses multiple inflatable components to create couches, armchairs, and tables that you can take straight off from the deck and right into the water. Also, You can mix and match the pieces to create your very own custom pool float or an island of floats.

Life Aquatic

Wear the most fashionable Aquachic clothing from The Life Aquatic by Pigro Felice®. A range of colors, sizes, and shapes is provided to cover yourself from head to toe in Pigro Felice Baseball Cap Hat, Polo shirts, Tank Tops, Microfiber Beach Towel/Throw Blanket, Ouch! Wristbands, and Silicone Tote Bag. Feel the elegant Apparel that adorn your body for fun and play, and trendy accessories that add a classy touch